Rufus Wainwright


Price: $35.00
Rufus Wainwright

Product Information

If you are a charity pay no attention to these prices, you will be receiving wholesale prices for your items. The item you are buying is a beautifully hand signed autographed 8x10 photograph. All items that we sell on our website are obtained by us in person. The item that you will receive is a lab printed high quality photo. We have all of our photos printed in a actual photo lab, not on a desk jet home printer. All autographs that you see on our website are original hand signed unique items. We in no way sell any preprints, reprints, or copied autographed photos, each and everyone is original and unique. All items that you buy from us are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Also, for an additional fee we can have you photo custom matted for you to the color of your liking.

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